React JS with Axios

A Guide for Beginners In React JS with Axios is a library that serves to create HTTP requests that are present externally. It is evident from the fact that we may sometimes in React JS with Axios applications need to get data from the external source.

It is quite difficult to fetch such data so that they can be normally shown on the website. Thus, it helps in retrieving the data thereby React JS with Axios adding it to the state to facilitate the application whenever the requirement arises.

In the tech industry, React has emerged as one of the most popular front-end frameworks. However, integrating React with backend languages poses its own challenges.

Developers need to adhere to specific rules and write custom code to establish communication with databases.

In React, backend communication is typically achieved using the HTTP protocol. While many developers are familiar with the XML Http Request interface and Fetch API for making HTTP requests, there’s another powerful library called Axios that simplifies the process further.

In this article, we will explore Axios, its prominent features, and how it streamlines backend communication in React.

We’ll delve into various use cases where Axios shines, enabling efficient database interactions.

Introduction to Axios: 

Axios, which is a popular library is mainly used to send asynchronous HTTP requests to REST endpoints. This library is very useful to perform CRUD operations.

  1. This popular library is used to communicate with the backend. Axios supports the Promise API, native to JS ES6.
  2. Using Axios we make API requests in our application. Once the request is made we get the data in Return, and then we use this data in our project. 
  3. This library is very popular among developers. You can check on GitHub and you will find 78k stars on it. 

Need of Axios in React: 

As we have discussed that Axios allows you to communicate with the APIs in your React project.

The same tasks can also be performed by using AJAX, but Axios provide you more functionality and features and that helps you in building your application quickly. 

Axios is a promise-based library, so you need to implement some promise-based asynchronous HTTP requests.

jQuery and AJAX also perform the same job but in React project React handles each and everything in its own virtual DOM, so there is no need to use jQuery at all.     


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