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Javascript es6 Features is the ECMAScript 6( ES6), likewise understood as ECMAScript In 2015 presented several substitute features and improvements to the JavaScript vocabulary.

Here are some key features of ES6:

1) let and const:
let allows the declaration of block-scoped variables.
2) Arrow Functions:
A concise syntax for writing anonymous functions.

3) Template Literals:
Allow the embedding of expressions inside string literals.
4) Destructuring Assignment:
Easily extract values from arrays or objects.5) Spread and Rest Operators:
Mean while Spread operator (…) is used to split elements or object properties.
Rest operator (…) is used to represent an indefinite number of arguments as an array.
6) Default Parameters:
Allows default values to be specified for function parameters.
7) Classes:
Provides a more concise syntax for creating constructor functions and prototypes.
8) Promises:
A cleaner and more flexible way to work with asynchronous code.
9) Modules:
Enables better organization of code by allowing the creation of modular code.
10) Map, Set, and WeakMap/WeakSet:
New data structures for handling key-value pairs (Map), unique values (Set), and special use cases with weak references (WeakMap, WeakSet). Subsequent versions of ECMAScript have introduced additional features and improvements.

Continue exploring more ES6 features:

1) Iterator and Iterable Protocol:
ES6 introduced a more flexible iteration protocol with the Symbol.iterator and iterable objects.
2) Generators:
Generators are Functions that can be paused and resumed allowing for more readable and concise asynchronous code is
3) Async/Await:
A syntactic sugar for working with promises, making asynchronous code more readable and maintainable.
4) Symbol:
A new primitive data type for creating unique identifiers, often used to define object properties.
5) Proxy and Reflect:
Proxy allows create you a proxy object to another object and enabling custom behavior for fundamental operations. Reflect provides a set of methods for performing meta-programming tasks.
JavaScript continues to evolve with each new ECMAScript release, introducing more features and improvements to the language.

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